Why Engage Kids?

We are called!  We love children!  Children are an important and valuable part of God’s kingdom.   

So they will KNOW!  Studies tell us the 70% of Americans say they are Christians but on a given Sunday only 1/3 of Americans will show up in our churches. In this post Christian society, knowledge of technology will be greater than the knowledge of Biblical truths. It is predicted that the Generation Alpha, children of the millennials born since 2010, will reach 35 million.  There are 22 million millennial parents, and according to Facts & Trends, a third of millennials are “nones”.  They claim no religious identity.  Many Gen Z’s and Alpha’s are growing up in these homes. 


Jesus so desperately wants them to come to Him.  They need Jesus!!!  Statistics show that 80-85% of those who believe in Christ came to know the Lord between the ages of 4 and 14.  Millions of children and teens are living without any knowledge of God.  We are in a crisis.  This generation is biblically illiterate.  Post modernism has penetrated our society.  They aren’t being taught who God is and how they can have a relationship with Him.  They do not have mentors or role models to look to for direction.  We have an unparalleled opportunity to reach kids and families with the Gospel.  The Gospel is just as powerful as it ever was.  They need His church to show them the way. It is proven statistically that children’s ministry sets the foundation of faith that should be built on His Word – on Truth.  It is also proven that those teens and young adults that stay the course with their Christian faith were grounded in the Word as young children.  Our ministry must begin in the nursery.  We must embrace this generation and the generations to come with the love of God, His truth, His hope!   


To encourage churches to make reaching children a priority and vital ministry in their churches.  We all agree that everyone knows the importance of reaching children.  We know Jesus said “let them come”.  However, the challenge is not everyone really takes it to heart or knows how to make it a priority.  The lack of resources, money, facilities, volunteers and “know how” are struggles that hinder outreach.  The need to reach the next generation has never been greater in this post Christian society.  While the challenge has never been greater the opportunities have never been greater.  

The Bible tells us so! 

We must embrace the generations with the love of God, His truth, His hope! 

Open your eyes to what I am saying…We will not hide these truths from our children…we will tell the next generation…so the next generation might know.  Psalm 78:2-6