What others are saying about Engage Kids and its founders...

Aldin Tinsley has a lifetime of knowledge of not only impacting the next generation in deep and lasting ways, but of growing churches large and small through reaching families with children. Churches will be blessed as they utilize his expertise to build a children’s ministry which attracts, reaches and keeps families with kids.
David Boyd
National Children’s Ministry and BGMC Director of the Assemblies of God
Aldin Tinsley brings a unique set of skills and views to Children’s ministry.  Aldin has served in leadership at the national office, the local church and summer camp ministries.  His ministry has been marked by numerical growth. He raises up leaders. He shares a love of kid’s ministry and kid’s ministers!  I highly recommend him.
Phil Schneider
District Superintendent of the Illinois District of the Assemblies of God.
We have known Aldin and Debbie Tinsley since 1985, when they took a chance on a young engaged couple asking us to help them in Children’s Church at Evangel Temple in Jacksonville, Florida.  During these years we learned the art of working with children, developing a team, and the structure of a growing Children’s Ministry.  We learned the importance of planning along with being flexible.  We had FUN together and laughed a LOTT.  Aldin and Debbie became a model of steady consistency in ministry and family.  They have always been our “Go To” friends when we need direction.  We are forever grateful for their investment in our lives.  Ultimately, they reproduced themselves.  We continue carrying that passion today within the church as well as ministry to children in low income areas.  What Aldin and Debbie offer is a TREASURE BOX of knowledge, passion, and love for children that will carry on through GENERATIONS.
Donald and Wendy Lott
Founders of Generation Kids, Inc.
The lessons, scriptures and principles I received as a child under Pastors Aldin and Debbie Tinsley's ministry 34 years later still ring true... their dedication and tireless commitment to excellence in ministry still reverberates in my personal life today.  I am very thankful that as a young child I was exposed to the Gospel through their ministry, and am excited to see their future unfold with 'Engage Kids
Hal Wilkerson
I have watched Aldin’s Children’s ministry work for several years.  Not only is he a consummate professional, but a Children’s minister extraordinaire. Everywhere he has ministered, including in our church, he has encouraged volunteers to be more active, streamlined effectiveness, and made everyone he dealt with feel cared about.  Also, Aldin has a keen eye for what is strong and lacking in a kid’s ministry.  He was able to, very quickly I might add, give us tips and resources to quickly and effectively turn our kid’s ministry in an upward direction for greater impact.  I would highly recommend any church, large or small, to consider utilizing Aldin Tinsley’s consultation to help touch the next generation for Jesus.
Brian Bougher
Pastor of Thrive Church Lockport, IL
Wisdom comes with years of success & failures and reaching beyond one’s own limits to achieve what God calls one to do. Aldin is my mentor for 17 years of full time ministry and continues to enrich my personal live and my ministry with his wisdom. I am confident with his 30 plus years of full time ministry, he will help you establish, grow, or further the spiritual formation of the children in your local church. I fully endorse Aldin Tinsley as a gifted teacher, trainer, and builder of healthy children’s ministries. You will be blessed and grow as a result of his God given wisdom & insight.
Richard R. Vinson
Children’s Pastor